"To draw everything is good, to draw everything [is] better still."
 -Adolphe Menzel

I cannot understand why an artist would ever leave their studio without a sketchbook. I have developed a special affinity for unlined Moleskine journals and under most circumstances take one with me wherever I go. There is something unbelievably satisfying about the way an HB pencil glides across the surface of the paper. I have filled countless pages of these small black books, and it gives me great pleasure to occasionally leaf through my older volumes. The thumbnails included in this gallery are a few of my favorite sketchbook excerpts over the last few years. Each drawing is produced rapidly and from life. I have learned that no subject is too mundane to intimately record in person with a simple #2 pencil and a small sheet of paper.

*All images are drawn from life. Please click on the thumbnails for the full image.